Homeowners Association Program

Quick response. Attentive service. Straightforward answers. Knowledgeable, helpful advice. Treating your assets like they were ours. Expertise for your benefit. These are words not often heard and rarely followed in today’s business world. At House-Chilson & Associates these are words our agency is built on. We are a privately owned and operated insurance services agency dedicated to providing practical, realistic solutions that are protection wise yet cost effective.

One of our major areas of expertise is in community associations, both residential and commercial. We serve a growing clientele of HOA, POA and Condo/Townhouse Associations, which numbers more than 200. The insurance companies we work with all have a special focus on associations and coverage forms that address protecting the unique association exposure and needs. All of our companies have A.M. Best ratings of A, A+ or A++, making them among the highest rated companies in the insurance industry.

Clients receive our full attention, whether small or large. Coverage is designed to meet the specific needs of each association client based upon their characteristics. We recommend and the client decides.

Our service goes far beyond placing coverage and delivering policies. Larry Cabossel manages and focuses solely on the Association Program for the agency. He has an extensive background in commercial insurance and risk management services, with over 25 years of experience with national brokerage firms and large agencies. Larry is very hands on in working with clients in the areas of identifying exposures, addressing risks, meeting with Boards, client education, claim issues, onsite visitations, coverage comparisons, and overall prompt and professional service. He has and continues to speak at meetings and seminars on various insurance topics such as Directors and Officers Liability, General Liability, and Property with a focus on the issues directly related to associations. He is also well-versed in Cyber Liability , Environmental Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and how these can impact both associations and community management companies.

Our increasing success with associations is based on distinguishing ourselves in being readily available to take your call, respond quickly to your email, providing timely information, explaining coverage in plain English without the insurance jargon, solving problems, providing realistic advice, and representing our clients well. Larry does not hand your service off to others once you become our client. He is always available to you whenever needed.

Check us out for yourself- talk to our clients. Then come talk to us to see how we can respond to your needs and help you make insurance more understandable and useful for you.

Contact Larry at 602-821-3162 or larry@housechilson.com.

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